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NO, REALLY?!                     11-29-07

Yes it’s true, we’re having a baby! I’m just starting my 6th month, with Jillian Danielle due to arrive around St. Patrick’s Day. Jillian because I’ve always loved the name and Danielle for one of our favorite people, our former producer Danielle. Yes, she still works here but is now in charge of Promotions for all 5 Clear Channel stations.
Now of course I’m not the only one to have a baby but I’ve gotten several emails from inquiring minds who just want to know more about how I’m feeling, what our future plans are, and how much weight I’ve gained! Let me attempt a baby blog to keep you updated and we’ll hear from Dan too from time to time.
I’ve been so lucky to have missed any morning sickness and am still waiting for those crazy cravings! My last check-up was Monday and everything looks great. I have another appt. in a month, then I start the “every two weeks” check-ins. I’ll get the glucose screening in a couple of weeks. My sister tells me I’ll have to drink something that tastes like super-concentrated orange soda. Could be worse I suppose.
The only negative symptom I have is very swollen hands. I know this is normal but I’ve now got Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and have to wear wrist braces as much as I can stand them, especially at night. I wake up a lot with numb and throbbing hands. Any suggestions? Dr. F. says I just have to deal with it.
Jilly bean, as we’ve calling her, is now fluttering around. No real kicks yet but an hour and a half after I eat the cartwheels start. Dan felt her for the first time Thanksgiving night. No wonder with all that I ate!!
I’m VERY open to your thoughts and suggestions. This is a very strange and exciting time for us, and like most soon-to-be parents, we’re trying to absorb as much as we can!















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